The Mindfulness Center Annual Report

A New Health Care Paradigm



The mission of The Mindfulness Center is to facilitate the evolution of the standard of health care from one of managing disease to one of fostering health, and to be a model for a new health care paradigm.

We fulfill this mission by bringing mindfulness to all dimensions of life, and empowering people to use evidence-based, best practices of self-care, thereby addressing health care disparities by making health care accessible to all.

Message from our Founder

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the 2015 Annual Report for The Mindfulness Center (TMC).

Looking back on 2015, our sixth year of service to our growing community, there are vivid reminders of the progress occurring in our nationwide health care, and in expansion of mindfulness programs in many areas of our lives.

When my daughters, Jessie Norris Taylor and Jacqueline Norris, and I first opened the doors to The Mindfulness Center in September, 2009, we were asked by a reporter, “Why mindfulness?” I answered, “Because mindfulness is foundational to behavioral change.” Mindfulness helps us stay “In the Flow” (the title of my new book released November, 2016). When people start meditating or engaging in other mindfulness practices like yoga and tai chi, they find healthful changes in other health behaviors such as diet, exercise, and sleep. Beginning a mindfulness practice is a pivotal moment in improving one’s life. Just as a personal mindfulness practice leads to personal transformation, a nation practicing mindfulness can lead to national transformation. (See Tim Ryan’s book, A Mindful Nation). Indeed, I see evidence of a global shift. There is great cause for hope!

Hundreds of scientific reports published this year support our mission by providing evidence for the use of mindfulness-based treatments in health care. There is continued growth in acceptance and use of mind-body practices including meditation and yoga in schools and the work place. Dr. James Gordon’s editorial in the New York Times, recognizes the role of self-care practices in preventive and therapeutic clinical care. As our definition and standard of health care evolves so too will the health of our nation. We see this already in changes in the standard of care for treating pain. Large institutions such as the Center for Disease Control and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and Harvard University Medical School are implementing mind-body therapies as first line of approach in treating chronic pain over opiates.

You may recognize some of our initiatives throughout this report such as Mind-Body Week, D.C., D.C. Meditates and our Mind-Body for Cancer program. We continue to bring mindfulness to all areas of life. To raise awareness and enable this new health care paradigm to thrive locally, nationally and globally.

It is my great pleasure to share the life-changing impact our donors enable us to make in positively transforming the self-care and health of those we serve. I feel deep gratitude for your continued commitment to making this hope become a reality.

Debbie Norris, Ph.D.

Founder and President

Letter from the Executive Director

In the summer of 2015, The Mindfulness Center was faced with a financial decision: to close our doors or rally together in order to keep our doors open. Reflecting over all of our options, it was the thought of our community that drove us to stay open and, at that time, I decided to step into the role of the Executive Director. I could not let our community down: the cancer patient going through chemo who comes to us for pain relief, the single mother of three who finds her personal center in our yoga classes, our veterans who know we will never turn them away no matter what, the college students who escape from the classroom stresses and find their youthfulness, creativity and vision through exploring our classes, the social workers who take our Teacher Training programs to advanced their education and further help their clients. Thanks to all of the support and donations that came in, we were able to continue our charitable, educational and scientific programs that help improve the quality of life for every member of our community.


I wish to thank all of the members of the Board of Directors for your service to the mission of The Mindfulness Center. It is you who know best of all what it means to work tirelessly to create a model for the future of health care, as the future unfolds before us. Not only does the science that has accumulated in the seven years since we opened support our vision, but the success stories of our community are a testament to the role of mindfulness in health care. As our minds turn to our hearts, and our hearts turn to gratitude, we will continue to see changes in the business of health care.

Our team members of faculty and staff are the best examples of people who know how to open their hearts for the care of others. I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to them! Your abilities to spread love and compassion inspires me every day.

Much of our success is due to the generous support of our donors. Your support has enabled us to offer free classes to veterans, provide scholarships to those eager to teach meditation and yoga, help community members with financial need, conduct research to find ways of relieving pain and suffering for children in hospitals, and to help families with children with ADHD among other accomplishments. Your support has also helped us to obtain much needed equipment, such as an LED light therapy system.

It is our community at The Mindfulness Center who brings me enormous joy and allows me to appreciate the power of mindfulness. Before my very eyes, I see people recovering from chronic pain, just like my mother did years ago. I see people who have been suffering find relief from everything from the stresses of daily life to the traumas of a serious diagnosis. 

At TMC, we continue to believe in the power of mindfulness to be the foundation for behavioral change. It is our hope that others will recognize the role of The Mindfulness Center as an oasis of healing, transformation and optimal well-being. We rely on your financial support, particularly in our Helping Hands and general operating funds, to continue to support the health and well-being of our community. Thank you for your continued support! Only with the support of our partners, donors and volunteers, can we provide the programs to fulfill our mission. The gifts you give, are the lifeblood for these people – across every walk of life.

The Path Forward – Hope

Looking ahead, we are planning to continue to bring mindfulness to many areas of life in our community and the nation.

In 2016, we have successfully launched Dr. Norris’ Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training Online and The Mindfulness Center plans to continue launching further online programs providing evidence-based guidance on self-care mind-body practices. The curriculum for these programs presents the scientific evidence for the use of self-care mind-body practices. We will translate our onsite curriculum, including our signature Mind-Body for Cancer and Mind-Body for Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia series into online programming.

You can read more about the science of mindfulness practices and how to use meditation in your life in Dr. Norris’s book, “In the Flow: Passion, Purpose, and the Power of Mindfulness”, available on Amazon.  

Jacqueline Norris

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Our Story

The Mindfulness Center was founded by Deborah Norris, Ph.D. and her two daughters, Jessie Taylor and Jacqueline Norris, on September 14, 2009. The family has devoted themselves to a shared mission of creating a functional, mindfulness based health care paradigm that benefits is community and serves as a role model for the nation.

In 1996, Debbie was diagnosed with severe fibromyalgia, leaving her in constant pain. Doctors said there was no cure and instructed her to get a wheelchair. Debbie, a Health Scientist, began researching the underlying causes of fibromyalgia. She took up practices to reverse these causes, and increase well-being. She did gentle yoga and breathing exercises, gradually progressing to more intense exercises. She made it a top priority to get a good night’s sleep, changed her diet, and resumed her meditation practice. Gradually, step by step, Debbie reversed her condition and returned to an active healthy life. She now teaches others to do the same.

An accident in 1999 again challenged Debbie’s resources to heal herself. Debbie suffered a blow to the head that resulted in a traumatic brain injury, seizures, impaired vision and chronic headaches. She was given a prescription for anti-seizure medications and, again, doctors told her that her condition would only worsen. Ever the curious optimist, Debbie began a journey of self-exploration and scientific research to find ways to heal herself. Once again, Debbie has healed herself and now lives a healthy life, free of seizures and pain.

Debbie’s personal health journey is one of the catalysts which led her and her family to open The Mindfulness Center. She is joined by her daughters who share the mission of teaching mindfulness-based lifestyle practices so that others may share in the joy of healthy living. Together with a team of health experts and educators, they provide a sanctuary for their community and have created a model for the future of health care.  

“I want to make people feel beautiful on the inside and out”, Jacqueline Norris, 2008  

“The Mindfulness Center is the future of health care.” - Deborah Norris, Ph.D., 2009

Timeline of TMC Major Events

June, 2009: Founded by Deborah Norris, Jessie Norris and Jacqueline Norris

September 14, 2009: Grand Opening of The Mindfulness Center

2010: First Yoga Teacher Training offered at TMC

October 14, 2011: Mind-Body Week, D.C., with Keynote Dr. Herbert Benson

November, 2011: Granted non-profit 501c3 status by the Internal Revenue Service

April 21-22, 2012: Bethesda Meditates

April 18-21, 2013: Mind-Body Week, D.C., with Keynote Congressman Tim Ryan

2013: Began onsite Meditation Teacher Training Certification Program

Spring, 2015: TMC is accredited by the National Association of Social Workers to offer continuing education in mindfulness training for Social Workers and other mental health professionals.

April 17-19, 2015: Mind-Body Week, D.C., with Keynote Sara Lazar

August 29, 2015: D.C. Meditates, in partnership with Natural Awakenings, Buddhafest and Armor Down

2015: Launched TMC Blog

December 31, 2015: Launched Meditation Teacher Training Online

Major Accomplishments

Mindfulness Program in School -
Damascus High School 50 students and faculty served

Mindfulness Program in Prison -
Jessup Women's Prison - dozens of women inmates served.

Worksite Wellness Program -
Consumer Product Safety Commissions.

Healthfair for a University -
American University Law School - Hundreds of students served.

Healthfair for the Military -
U.S. Coast Guard - hundreds of servicemen and women served.

Research studies that have been completed

2014, Research Published: Non-pharmacological management of acute pain symptoms in pediatric patients. Annals of Society of Behavioral Medicine. Stinley, Nora E. Norris, D. Hinds, P.

2014, Research Published: Using Mindfulness Meditation to Improve Pain Management in Combat Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury. Annals of Society of Behavioral Medicine. Nassif, TH, Norris, DO, Soltes, KL, Sandbrink, F. Blackman, MR, Chapman, JC.

2014, Research Published: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Mindfulness Meditation for Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain in U.S Veterans Using the Defense and Veterans Pain Rating Scale (DVPRS), Annals of American Academy of Pain Medicine. Nassif, TH, Norris, DO, Soltes, KL, Blackman, MR, Chapman, JC, Sandbrink, F.

2015, Research Published: Creating Mandalas for the Management of Acute Pain Symptoms in Pediatric Patients. Art Therapy 32, 46-53. Stinley, Nora E. Norris, D. Hinds, P.

2015. Research Published: Mindfulness Meditation and Chronic Pain Management in Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Pilot Study, Military Behavioral Health. Nassif, TH, Norris, DO, Soltes, KL, Blackman, MR, Chapman, JC, Sandbrink, F.

2015 Initiatives


The Mindfulness Center offers an expanding series of educational programs, both onsite and online. Generous donations to the Educational Fund enabled TMC to provide ten scholarships of $500 for students in the Yoga and the Meditation Teacher Training programs. We have responded to global requests for an online Meditation Teacher Training program by launching an online certification program, developed by Dr. Norris. Modeled after her onsite training program, this program creates an international community of people learning to provide meditation guidance to people all over the world. The program has drawn participants from over 26 countries around the world, including Peru, New Zealand, Korea and Saudi Arabia and throughout the U.S.

Mind-Body Week, D.C. 2015 marked the third year of TMC hosting this event. This year focused on the use of Self-Care Practices for the Treatment of Chronic Pain. This ground-breaking public health initiative increased awareness of the science and practice of evidence-based mind-body therapies for health and well-being.

D.C. Meditates. Working in partnership with Natural Awakenings, Buddhafest, and the Insight Meditation Center of Greater Washington, The Mindfulness Center hosted D.C. Meditates in October of 2015. This event on the grounds of the National Mall brought together hundreds of people for a day of loving-kindness, meditation, breath-work, music, food and community.


We were proud to announce the launch of Mind-Body Journal is an online destination for ideas, information and the latest research, featuring posts about mindfulness, wellness, lifestyle and mind-body therapies, providing information on living a healthier and more mindful life. Mind-Body Journal reaches people who may not have regular access to The Mindfulness Center, spreading the knowledge and expertise of this center to people around the globe.

Dr. Norris continues to engage in research on the role of mindfulness practices in health care. In 2015, along with doctoral students and colleagues, she completed two major research projects. A study at the D.C. Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) demonstrated the role of mindfulness in relief of chronic pain. A study at Children’s National Medical Center (CNMC) found that a breath-focused meditation helped relieve fear and suffering for children.

The Mindfulness Center continues to collaborate on research on the use of mindfulness and other mind-body therapies in health at CNMC and elsewhere. In 2015, we launched a campaign to fund the development of online mindfulness programming for families with children with ADHD. This program is currently recruiting families with children with ADHD for participation in clinical trials.

Charitable & Educational Programs

Every Child Thrives brings mindfulness and other mind-body practices to children. Donations to this program, of over $5,000, have enabled TMC to empower hundreds of children and their teachers with mindfulness skills. Programs are offered at The Mindfulness Center, in schools, hospitals and to families, including:

o     After-school meditation & yoga programs for students
o     Children's National Medical Center - providing fast-acting mind-body interventions for treating children in pain
o     Mindfulness training providing professional development for school faculty, staff and administrators to learn mindfulness

Damascus High School students and teachers, from a community plagued by heroin and opiate addiction, participated in Yoga and Meditation classes provided by The Mindfulness Center to promote student empowerment and addiction prevention.

“My daughter was part of a study with Children's Hospital in DC that used your relaxation tapes when drawing blood. She has a lot of anxiety with blood draws and your audio meditation she heard made it much easier to relax and have it done. It was really a dramatic difference, we were super happy we stumbled upon the researcher!”

Helping Hands Fund helps people in our community whose lives are touched by major health concerns. As incidences of cancer and other chronic illnesses grows, more and more individuals are unable to afford healthcare costs. A top priority at The Mindfulness Center is reaching out to our community through our Helping Hands Program, to support people with chronic illnesses, by providing free and reduced-rate health care services to those in need. Your gift directly and positively impacts the lives of those most in need.

o     Over 100 people have received free or reduced rate services or classes through the Helping Hands Fund, such as pain relieving oncology massage, acupuncture for chronic pain, free yoga classes for veterans and meditation classes for individuals with cancer.

Mind Body for Cancer is a program dedicated to empowering individuals with cancer and their caretakers to improve their health and wellbeing using evidence-based mind-body practices before, during and after treatment. Research shows that lifestyle practices make a difference in the well-being of people with cancer and can affect quality of life and rates of survival. 

o     Dozens of cancer patients found hope and improved quality of life through the Mind-Body for Cancer group.

Oasis - Veteran Reintegration Program provides instruction in Mindfulness based practices to veterans. Through our Oasis program, veterans within two years of returning from deployment receive unlimited free classes at TMC.

TMC is proud to partner with Armor Down, a non profit founded by TMC faculty alum and US Army veteran, Ben King, to cultivate resiliency and wellbeing through the use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine such as Mindfulness and Yoga. This partnership has reached hundreds of US veterans and family members, through initiatives such as:

o Mindful Memorial Day 2015- over 100 community members gathered at Arlington Nation Cemetery to honor fallen warriors with a moment of mindfulness and to participate in mindful meditation.

o “Armor Down: Teaching Mindfulness to Warriors”, taught by Ben King, was accredited by the National Association of Social Workers and offered at TMC, providing continuing education to mental health professionals working with veterans, military personnel and first responders.

"As I began to experience life beyond the suffering of my situation I started to experience what many ancient and current teachers claim is part of the motivation for a yogic, meditative, soft practice. Beneath the doubt, worry, and fear, there is a divine stream that runs through all things. With practice you can connect with this 'holy spirit'. You will have some idea of this energy when you feel patience, love, compassion and understanding more often than not. I started to see this and felt a real sense of connection."

How your Gifts are Impacting Lives

“When I found The Mindfulness Center I was depressed, lost, and confused. I had to try and figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I decided to try meditation, and all of the sudden an entirely new beautiful life path emerged. At this point, I had no knowledge of Reiki or other mind-body practices, so I eagerly researched and with the utmost excitement I just knew that I was meant to be a healer.

I let go of what everyone else was telling me I should be, and chose to listen to my heart, and naturally a beautiful path of healing and empowerment unfolded before me as I interned with The Mindfulness Center, where I became a certified yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner. The Mindfulness Center became a second home for me because there really was no other place I would rather be. Simply amazing vibes, people, classes and workshops.

The heart-felt compassion that radiates from every single person at this center can put anyone at ease. With the TMC’s support I’ve gained the confidence to truly pursue my dreams and move to Costa Rica to study yoga and Ayurveda!”

"Dr. Deborah Norris’s Restorative Yoga for Back Pain class has been a miracle in my life. For 8 months I had been suffering with debilitating back pain that kept me from my normal activities and exercise.

I tried many treatments after having to go to the emergency room; massage, acupuncture, specially compounded creams, cortisone injections. Some of them helped a bit, but not enough to truly make a difference.

When I first came to Debbie’s class, my body could not stretch into or hold the suggested positions. She placed bolsters and cushions around my body to help with the pain and stiffness. Each week, I experienced less pain and more flexibility. I saw obvious, unequivocal improvement every week, without fail. I could stretch more easily and hold stretches for longer. When I started the class I could not lie on my left side at all because it was too painful. After a few weeks, that pain disappeared.

After Debbie’s class, my 8-month ordeal of back pain is over and I am pain-free. I am back doing Pilates exercises I haven’t been able to do since last year and my life is returning to normal. I am forever grateful to Debbie.”

“From the first day I met Deborah, I felt her a strong sense of transformation from her energy. I realized immediately that this Center's mission is to help souls to transform and become more aware of their true self. I am so grateful to all the members of TMC. I learned a lot about my body and I have grown spiritually. I gained confidence to live and enjoy life! It is so amazing that my life is changing so much since I found TMC.  

I really enjoyed every moment studying in TMC. I loved all classes and I felt so comfortable and peaceful at the Center like at home - as well as nourishing. I learned yoga, meditation, energy work, physical body, humanity, and breath-work!  

Previously, I was focusing on healing my physical body, now I am devoting my life to serving others. I feel encouraged to become my true self instead of hiding behind masks of pain and special life or health circumstances. Now, I am ready to go through my journey of discovery while creating safe, loving, and trusted environment for kids to open up and share their true selves. I am devoted to help kids embrace confidence and trust themselves by overcoming emotional barriers and obstacles, to find their talents and extraordinary abilities. My goal is to return smiles, happiness, and joy into every child’s life. It is hard to explain how deeply thankful I am”.

"Nine months ago, I joined The Mindfulness Center (TMC). Not only has it has helped save my life, but it has improved my quality of life beyond what I could have imagined. TMC provides me the foundation of superior holistic health care providers and mind-body therapies, and just as important, a caring and supportive community. TMC is a safe place for me to continue healing and learning about the self-care needed to maximize my health and feel good. I'm an effortless 50 lbs lighter, with autoimmune diseases in remission, and several diagnosed conditions (from which I suffered for years) are now healed. TMC provided me: yoga, meditation, counseling, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, yoga therapy, Chinese medicine, Qigong, Tai Chi, Breath-work, advanced meditation seminars, yoga & meditation retreats, lectures, workshops, nutrition counseling, and overall healthcare assessments, treatment and support from both a Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic doctor. I recommend The Mindfulness Center to anyone who wants to reverse disease, relieve chronic pain, enhance emotional well-being and live a life of vitality."

“Our elementary school is so very grateful that you took the time to come and speak with our parents about the importance of mindfulness! Each parent left with a great sense of:  

1. Why and how to easily practice mindfulness in their daily lives.  

2. How to instill practices in their children so that they too feel more positivity, focus, and clarity 

3. How to better connect with their children through mindful practice. 

4. Even parents who were unable to attend the session were calling and requesting info on the Mindfulness Center! In the days since your visit, I have had parents detailing how they now use deep breathing, touch, and moments to pause in order to calm and shift mindsets in everything from rush hour traffic rage, to work task pile-ups, to child meltdowns!  

You are amazing and you are changing lives for the better. Thank you eternally for your time and for your efforts in promoting a healthy mind and body!”

“The Mindfulness Center has given me the resources to take back my health and well-being.  

After a devastating diagnosis of Lupus in 2010, I became very ill and had to give up a job I loved dearly. I have come a long way these past few years and it has not been without a lot of support, guidance, hard work and dedication to incorporating mindfulness into all areas of my life. 

I learned a new therapeutic approaches which gave me a sense of balance. I have cultivated a new sense of energy improving my chronic fatigue and I have decreased my joint pain significantly and completely resolved a diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel soon after having my daughter. 

I feel so incredibly lucky to have found TMC. I have been able to improve my health substantially. I have a one-year-old daughter who I run around after for hours without pain or discomfort. I live much more in the moment and find myself less reactive to others. It's a way of living that I never imagined was possible, I've been able to reduce my medications and said goodbye to acid reflux for good. My energy levels have increased significantly and I no longer live with debilitating joint pain.”

Thought Leadership

Within the few short years since The Mindfulness Center opened its doors in 2009, mindfulness practices have permeated our global consciousness. The science supporting the use of mindfulness-based practices has prompted hospitals and other major health care industries to adopt mindfulness practices both for their patients and their employees. 

  •  Aetna Health Insurance CEO Mark Bertolini has implemented company-wide mindfulness and yoga programs for both Aetna employees and customers. Dr. Richard Davidson makes headline news by publishing in the Journal of the American Medical Association on the power of mindfulness practices to heal chronic pain where medications have failed. 
  •  The Department of Veteran’s Affairs has launched a nation-wide effort called the Opioid Safety Initiative to reduce the use of opiates for the treatment of chronic pain, and replace them with mind-body practices. 
  •  The National Institutes of Health and the Centers for disease Control and Prevention report evidence suggesting a change in the standard of care making mind-body practices the first line of approach in the treatment of chronic pain. 
  •  Nationally, medical schools across the country are adopting integrative mind-body practices into their curriculum, so that a new generation of doctors are graduating with a new perspective on the role of self-care practices in health care. 
  • The media is full of information about the role of mindfulness in all dimensions of life, from health care to schools, government and even prisons. The Huffington Post regularly publishes articles and self-help tips on implementing mindfulness practices.  
  • Our own blog; features articles on the art and science of mindfulness and other mind-body practices. 
  •  Congressman Tim Ryan and colleagues have created a new magazine called simply Mindful. And the Congressman has published A Mindful Nation, a book about ways to implement mindfulness programs at all levels of our culture. 
  •  New forms of technology have created new ways of getting people to practice meditation. Apps such as Headspace and Insight Timer are being used world-wide. The Mindfulness Center’s Online Meditation Teacher Training has drawn students from all over the world.  
  • Data from these efforts show that mindfulness does indeed play a role in all dimensions of life. Children who learn to meditate in school show improved academic, social and emotional skills and performance. 
  •  Mindful Leadership Summits are attracting and training a new generation of world leaders – who practice mindfulness! Businesses that incorporate mindfulness programs are showing greater employee satisfaction, and improvements in their bottom line profits. 
  •  Prisoners taught to meditate in prison are less likely to be rearrested and more likely to find meaningful work upon release.  
  • Health care programs implementing mindfulness and other mind-body therapies such as yoga and qigong are finding faster recovery times and fewer adverse side-effects of medications. The medical standard of care is evolving and the potential for treating previously stubborn chronic conditions is being reconsidered. 

There is reason for hope, as our culture adopts a new approach to coping with the stresses of modern life and increased onslaught of chronic disease. That approach is mindfulness. The Mindfulness Center is at the forefront of these efforts.

Financial Statements


Annual Budget Report       
  2013  2014  2015 
 Donations  $11,511.00  $30,841.37  $24,358.15
 Events  $3,241.00  $1,061.00  
      MBW/Sponsorship  $2,750.00  $2,500.00  $403.50
      Foundation  -  -  -
      Research  -  -  -
      Membership  $83,055.00  $72,938.00
      Class Passes  $25,383.00  $28,611.00  $25,007.00
      Premium Classes  $4,450.00  $5,695.00  $6421.50
 Services  $216,369.00  $97,377.50
 Workshops  $24,321.10  $4,874.00  $10,191.20
 Teacher Training: MTT & YTT  $24,886.500  $41,102.00  $67,114.00
 Retreats  $1,946.00  $6,726.50  $22,769.00
 External Contracts  $5,930.00  $4,705.00  $12,897.93
 Groupons  $15,554.93  $10,823.00  $3,176.00
 Products  $4,085.07  $12,231.18  $14,997.31
 Admin Fees  -  $325.00  $1,530.00
 Room Rentals  $6,582.50  $1,400.00  $1,200.00
 LOANS  -  -  $7,700.00
           TOTAL INCOME  $430,065.10  $321,120.55  $404,254.97
 Advertising  $4,482.92  $5,610.16  $9,909.24
 Bank Charges  $445.02  $934.00
 Charitable Donations  $956.55  $448.71  $0
 Computer Supplies and Expenses  $155.34  $471.02  $6242.87
 Client Reimbursement  $1278.00  $40  $30
 Credit Card Expenses  $9,308.44  $5,256.80  $7236.94
 Credit Card Fee  $6,211.38  $5,031.69  $2950.00
 Dues and Memberships  $6,552.59  $3,535.79  $304.18
 Gas  $984.88  $683.37  $20.00
 Insurance  $3,277.00  $3,396.00
 Laundry Expenses  $2,003.16  $1,322.49  $1,668.86
 Office Supplies  $6,037.52  $4,893.23  $3936.20
 Online Bookkeeping  $3,623.28  $7697.20  $8,086.40
 Parking  $136.00  $1,274.00  $1,882.10
 Payroll  $248,398.80  $169,962.70  $186,238.00
 Payroll Expenses  $20,346.10  $27,335.23  $34,572.62
 Petty Cash  $59.70  $156.34  $
 Postage  $227.78  $79.70  $22.72
 Professional Fees  $2,460.00  $7,326.38  $12,320.55
 Rent and Utilities  $75,366.26  $80,158.65  $96,110.49
 Restaurants / Entertainment  $1,801.92  $475.47  $1,076.52
 Supplies & Materials  $11,373.02  $5,688.24  $7,408.49
  Telephone  $2,168.41  $1,873.18  $2,622.25
 Travel  $8,316.61  $5.10  $14,789.83
 Uncategorized Expense  $9,177.96  $4,370.70  $3,827.85
      TOTAL EXPENSES  $426,863.60  $338,655.35  $414,869.98



How can you help? 

Donations to The Mindfulness Center’s charitable and educational programs directly benefit vulnerable members of our community, easing pain, improving quality of life, and allowing us to continue to pursue our mission of empowering people to heal and embrace optimal wellness. Please make your donation to the TMC Helping Hands Fund, General Operating Fund or Educational Fund today and know that you have touched the life of a fellow community member and helped to provide access to life changing programs and services.

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