The Mindfulness Center

Mind-Body Week D.C.

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The Mindfulness Center and other mind-body centers and practitioners in the Washington DC metropolitan area are committed to promoting and improving the health of our community, and thereby also contributing to the health of the nation. Mind-Body Week DC takes these efforts into the private sector, and considers evidence-based medical research and knowledge as the foundation for the appropriate application of mind-body therapies, and their role in the standard of medical care.

Objectives for Mind-Body Week:

  1. Provide scientists, practitioners and interested consumers with evidence-based lectures on mind-body medicine and classes that highlight mind-body therapies, therapeutic application and mechanism of action. Each year's Keynote Event(s) will focus on the evidence-basis for the use of mind-body therapies for treating a specific condition. The week-long program of lectures, posters, demonstrations and classes will address the broad range of mind-body therapeutic modalities, and their clinical applications across the spectrum of health care needs.
  2. Provide scientists, practitioners and interested consumers with resources for delivering mind-body therapies for clinical application, to manage stress, and to improve quality of life.
  3. Foster the exchange of information on mind-body medicine from mind-body experts, scientists, practitioners and the public.
  4. Increase awareness of healthy lifestyle behaviors.