Mindful Millennials: Donation

A Mindfulness Program for Young Adults


Donations go directly to program costs. We provide a modest stipend to the meditation teachers. Additional funds are used for program development and web-development, as well as program marketing, including maintaining social media accounts and web pages, and for program overhead (use of space at The Mindfulness Center).

If you’d like to sponsor a young adult, you can donate directly to that cause. Sponsorship for a named individual for the full eight-week program is $200.
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Become a Sponsor of Mindful Millennials: 
          Millennials ( up to age 35) up to $99
          Supporter up to $99
          Friend $100-$199
          Sponsor of Young Adults $200-$499
          Leader $500-$999
          Advocate: $1000-$2999
          Champion: $3000 – $4999
          Pioneer: $5000 – $9999
          Visionary: $10000+